Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Everything inside me wants to scream. These waves of you washing over me are stealing my breath. My heart pounds, lungs fight for air trying to breath you in. You are the ocean I want to drown in. The strength of your waves pull me under and I am lost. Lost in the depths of you. Drinking in every precious ounce of you. Drowning in your eyes.

If we are not meant to be then why? Why my love? Why can I not let you go? What spell have you cast over my soul? If we touched would we ignite the heavens, set fire to the stars? Would our love eclipse the sun? Or would our flames burn too hot,  an explosion of briefly blinding light? If we could live only briefly in that white hot moment or continue in the reality of our existence, which would we choose?

I am consumed by you.  Obsessed with you. Captive to you.  I need to release you to end this torture, but I cannot. I cannot let you go. I cling to you as if to life itself, needing the very thought of you as if it were air. No, my darling, I cannot let you go even though we can never be.

I love you

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