Saturday, January 15, 2011

If only...

If only I had seen things then like I can see them now, if only I could turn back time and relive the past somehow.  I’d take more chances, have more fun, and enjoy the days of being young. I know I would still be your friend and you would still be mine. I know we’d still share everything and have the best of times.  I’d walk right up and take your hand, and if you asked me why, I’d let my simple smile be my only reply.  I’d cherish every moment and treasure every day, and when you felt down or low I’d chase your blues away. We’d make our mark on this world and pay our critics no mind; together we would carve our path and leave the world behind.

But would I have the courage to change so many things? Would I flirt with destiny and clip her fragile wings? Would I have the strength to tempt the fickle hands of fate? Would I throw caution to the wind or simply play it safe?

I’ll never know the answers, no; I guess I never will for there is no way to turn back time or just make it stand still. We have to play the hand we’re dealt and not look back in vain. We are where we are, we have what we have and some things never change. The only thing that can be done is just to carry on, learn from the past, have no regrets and enjoy every new dawn.

And I will still be your friend and you will still be mine. I know we’ll still share everything and have the best of times. We’ll always have our yesterdays and memories from the past and we’ll still leave the world behind as we carve out our path.


  1. This reminds me of something you wrote years ago. I still have a copy somewhere ... (I think I know where but can't easily access it) In the prose you wrote, you were on a train and promised to remember.
    I don't remember who you wrote it to, but it was quite beautiful is this.

    I'm glad that you and I have reconnected.